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SSAA Townsville is a branch of Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (QLD) and was formed in July 1965 with only 11 members. Today our membership is strong with over 3000 members, and continues to grow.

All Notices can be found under our NOTICES tab.  Please also scroll down for further information.

Opening Hours for General Shooting and sighting in can be found under calendars - General shooting.  These hours are subject to change at little or no notice.

If you are looking for Annual Range Pass forms, looking to renew your Cat License, Apply for a new cat h license, or wish to purchase a new pistol, then PLEASE visit our "FORMS" tab before contacting the Secretary.

If you are new to the sport or looking to become a regular shooter, please go to Forms or Becoming Licensed. Safety Course information can be found under "becoming licensed" tab. Any other questions, simply contact us.

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Generally (unless otherwise specified, or due to weather) the Rifle Range is open to Casual Shooting Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, from approximately 8am to 1pm, or at the Range Officers Discretion.  There is no need to book a range space.

Safety Equipment is mandatory on all SSAA Townsville Branch Inc. Ranges.

Hearing protection must be worn on all ranges, as well as enclosed shoes. Eye wear also required for all pistol shooting.

Casual Range Fees:

$15 for SSAA Members

$30 for Non-SSAA Members

A target fee for a casual shooter shooting a discipline will be $5 for new targets, (e.g Field Rifle, Benchrest) $2 for reusable/second hand targets (e.g. Lever Action, CSD & Silhouette)  Target fees are for casual shooters only who choose to shoot a discipline, NOT Annual Amenities Card Holders.

To assist our Range Officers please try to bring the correct cash or smaller denominations.  We DO NOT have EFTPOS facilities at this stage.

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SSAA Townsville Branch Inc. have ranges that cover nearly all SSAA disciplines.

Shooting is a generic term that people apply to all facets of our sport.  There are many disciplines within our sport that are generally covered by rifle, pistol and shotgun.  Whether you are a pistol shooter or a black powder enthusiast, we have something of interest for you.

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  • Air Rifle

  • Benchrest

  • Big Game Rifle

  • Combined Services

  • Lever Action Silhouette

  • Field Rifle & 3-4 Positional

  • Gallery Rifle

  • Lever Action

  • Metallic Silhouette

  • Muzzleloading

  • Long Range Precision

Hunter Aiming Rifle


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Lot 2 Rifle Range Road, Hervey Range, QLD 4817

Club phone- 0407 169 928 **Please send a text message during working hours Mon-Fri**

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