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The facilities are open Friday-Monday for General Shooting, 8am-1pm, and other days are scheduled events as per the Discipline Shoot Calendar. 


Range closures will be advertised on the home page and on the branch Facebook page. Please always double check the Calendars for any range closures.

Unless otherwise notified the Range is Closed on Thursdays.

The main rifle range has a covered firing line, and distances out to 1000yds.


Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI'S) must be used when the range is not operating                  (closed) and the Range Officer has called a cease fire.

These can be purchased when arriving at the range sign in desk.


Personal Protective Equipment is required on all firing ranges. 

Enclosed footwear and hearing protection is required on all ranges. 

Due to the use of muzzle brakes on the rifle range, we recommend double hearing protection (plugs and muffs). 

Eye protection is required on the pistol range and at Muzzleloading/Black Powder events.

At all times, the Range Officer of the day has the final word on safety throughout our range, and as such all directions from the Range Officer must be followed immediately.  Any concerns about safety on the range should be directed to the Range Officer, who can be identified by the orange vest with SSAA Range Officer on the back.  Failure to observe range standing orders, safety procedures or a specific direction from the Range Officer may result in the person(s) in question being removed from the range and possible sanctions on future shooting.

Range Fees are CASH or EFTPOS

Range Fees are $15 per day per person for SSAA Members, $30 per day for Non-SSAA Members.

Juniors (11-under 18) are free. 

Annual Range Pass holders are not required to pay a daily range fee.

See the Forms tab for information on how to apply for an Annual Range Pass. 

To assist our Range Officer's, where possible please bring the correct money or small denominations as we currently do not have EFTPOS facilities.

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