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You will find that your local SSAA Branch has like minded people with experience in the sport that are willing to get you on your way to be involved.  Whether you are looking for something to do on weekends, or are aiming to represent your country, shooting has something for everyone, and all members of the family.


As a prerequisite to obtaining a license, you must have a valid reason for possessing a firearm and be a member of an approved shooting organisation.  Being a member of SSAA ensures your rights as a shooter are protected and also provides you with lots of interesting information and great competition opportunities in Queensland.

For more information check out the below websites or contact the Branch


An other prerequisite is that you must complete a Safety Training & Firearm Handling.  You will be issued a Statement of Attainment soon after completing the theoretical and practical components to the course.  

Safety Courses are the 3rd Sunday of each month, unless otherwise notified.

Spaces are limited, so to secure your spot please use the tab below.

Prices are:

$120 Non Member Adult

$70 Additional Course Non-Member Adult

$36 Non-Member Junior

$80 SSAA Member

$60 Additional Course SSAA Member

$11 SSAA Junior Member

To book in please visit:


You will need a Statement of Eligibilty before you can apply for a license.
Visit the Weapons Licensing QLD website for the form.
Once you have the prerequisite documentation you can apply to the Queensland Police for a Weapons License.  This procedure takes approximately 28 days once the paperwork is sent.  It is quicker and easier for both parties to do the application online. It is recommended at this stage to also apply for your permit to acquire a firearm.
If you are applying for Cat H, you will require additional paperwork so please contact the Branch for this.


Once you have your license, you can start shooting at the range. If you haven't already applied for a permit to acquire, now is the time to do. 
Enjoy your new sport and most importantly, HAVE FUN

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